In Extremis

Forecast February 4

The ball is rolling.

For the first time in about a month, things went really well. Some of it saw the website, but a bit more saw the internet. And of course, there’s the stuff that’s still offline…for now. Let’s look back:

  • Future Plans: XII Part 3 looks at the list again, and at this year’s updates
  • January: Here, I wrapped-up the month. Go figure
  • Poria artwork (seen below): I finished up a series of artworks on the Poria last month and started showing them online. I’ll post a new one most days of the week on facebook and twitter (so follow In Extremis there if you don’t already)
  • Planned and started preparing the new update
  • Soundtrack Saturday: “Field of the Machinae” from Xenoblade Chronicles

Now, let’s look forward:

  • More Poria artwork
  • More work on new update
  • Soundtrack Saturday