Forecast In Extremis

Forecast January 28

Bye bye, January.

This week as a better week than most of the month, I finished some things, and figured out a bunch more; you’ll read about that soon. Let’s look back for a second:

  • A singular article header got done this week
  • First part in a new artwork series done
  • Writing!
  • Worked on a little bit of music
  • Lots of planning
  • Soundtrack Saturday: “Balaenoptera Musculus” from Abz├╗

So this upcoming week marks the end of January. I’ll put on my prognostication hat and predict what you can look forward to. It seems like a moderately busy week:

  • No article headers (gasp)
  • New artwork rolling out (on social media, recapped here)
  • Future Plans post (XII part 3?)
  • January Wrap-Up
  • Soundtrack Saturday

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