In Extremis Wrap-Up

2018 Year Wrap-Up

We did it. We got through 2018. I did a lot of stuff, I don’t know what you did, but if you’re reading this you at least looked at some of my content, and whew. You did a good job. That’s some work. Look at you, give yourself a pat on the back. You did it. Congrats. Come back for more.

Speaking of back, let’s look back at the entirety of 2018, one month at a time. Three months were standouts, and we’ll see why soon, but January, July, and December were all great.

  • January Wrap-Up: Wrapped up 2017, Wrapped up the year’s soundtrack saturdays too, and then got Future Plans XII.5, which was a sort of check-in. Which uh, considering I still haven’t finished all of The Ontiba, we’re still on XII.
  • April Wrap-Up: Whoops, missed a couple of months…again. February had the Space Plunder update, and the second update came in April, called The Shadows. It dealt with Reykata, so that checks another thing off the XII list.
  • May Wrap-Up: A fairly quiet month, with plenty of Soundtrack Saturdays. Oh hey, I finally created the playlist for those then too.
  • June Wrap-Up: A good month, full of link-fixing, and update-prepping.
  • July Wrap-Up: The third update, Scorched Surroundings, covered a bunch of things related to the Poria, so that was good. That also included a new lore book series, animal articles, and the rest of the month had more soundtrack saturdays. Fewer forecasts.
  • August Wrap-Up: Another quiet month, as I got started with another semester of school. More Soundtrack Saturdays, fewer forecasts.
  • October Wrap-Up: Oh hey look at that I missed a couple months again. There were a couple social media posts with fun things to celebrate some odd international holidays in September, and October proper got us started on the Gutenberg train. Finally, equal parts Soundtrack Saturdays and Forecasts.
  • November Wrap-Up: The Wilderness got announced, and the Gutenberg train really gained some steam. At the end of the month, we passed the threshold of majority–the majority of articles on the website are now in Gutenberg! Wheeeeeeee! Also, again equal parts Soundtrack Saturdays and forecasts. Yessss.
  • December Wrap-Up: Equal parts Soundtrack Saturday and forecasts. Oh also The Wilderness rolled through at the end of the month, giving us a bunch of new animal articles and t w o Soundtrack Saturdays. What an update.

So, what’s going to happen in 2019? Well, I’ve already got two updates in the planning stages, one of which is potentially larger than the others. I should also be done with school in the first half. Depending on whether I move or not after that, that’s a couple of dead weeks here and there. Unlike my undergrad, my thesis will be mostly done in February, so May won’t be dead. Probably? Maybe just not as dead. So, to answer my own question…¯\_(ツ)_/¯. But it should be good.