Forecast In Extremis

Forecast December 31

The update is coming to a close.

This E N T I R E week was an update, which was fun. I might do this again in the future, at least at the end of next year, but perhaps on other updates but over less time. Like two or three days. Anyway, let’s look at what happened:

  • Actually rather than list every animal article, just go check The Wilderness Update page.
  • Article headers (again, on the update page in a gallery)
  • Poria-stuff got moved to Gutenberg
  • Media page got reorganized
  • Soundtrack Saturday: “The Wilderness” from…ME, we’re listening to my music this week!
  • Again, a whole lot of animal articles. 16 in the past 168 hours. That’s like…a lot (you can do that math, don’t look at me)

So, what about this upcoming week? Well, things will slow down as the last part of the update is tomorrow, but the next two updates are already in planning stages, so we’ll see where things go.

  • Last bit of the update
  • A Monthly Wrap-up (later today)
  • An Annual Wrap-Up (Jan 1st)
  • A 2018 Soundtrack Saturday list
  • Another Soundtrack Saturday (back to not-my-music again)

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