Forecast In Extremis Wrap-Up

December Wrap-Up

Last day of the year? Check. Plenty of content? Check. December was good, actually check that it was great. It was just behind January, which was the best month of the year for the website. But we’ll get to more of that in the yearly wrap-up. Let’s look back at December:

  • Soundtrack Saturday: “Mae’s House” from Night in the Woods
  • December 3: Mostly just November’s Wrap-Up
  • Soundtrack Saturday: “Palm Tree Grove” from Donkey Kong Country Returns
  • December 10: More Gutenberg migration, and towards the update
  • Soundtrack Saturday: “Snowbelle City” from Pokemon X/Y
  • December 17: More Gutenberg, aaaaaaalmost to the update
  • The Wilderness Update: Technically this page was posted on the 25th, but the first update content came on the 23rd, so here it is
  • Soundtrack Saturday: “Niuavi”, a MIDItrail version of a previous single. Do you like the video style? @me on twitter or facebook…or something
  • December 24: (there was an update going on this week, that’s what happened)
  • Soundtrack Saturday: “The Wilderness”, an ambient soundscape, a new audio style. Let me know if you like this new style too!
  • December 31: Hey this just happened. You can read it if you want. Basically says the update’s almost done

This is the part of the monthly wrap-up where I talk about the next month, which is January right? Well, unlike last month where I knew an update was coming, I’m not exactly sure what January will bring. I know the immediate future calls for the last bit of the update on January 1st, along with a 2018 Wrap-Up, and at some point (soon) there will be a 2018 Soundtrack Saturdays post. Not sure what else there is in January (yet).