Forecast In Extremis

Forecast December 3

First forecast of December wooooooo

Last week wasn’t as eventful as the one before it, but I still got some work done in preparation for the next update. Let’s take a look:

  • Prepped a couple articles for the next update
  • Got both of the pieces of music for the next update to the same point (that point being¬†aaaaalmost¬†done just fyi)
  • Soundtrack Saturday: “Mae’s House” from Night in the Woods
  • November Wrap Up: miss any of last month? Catch up here!

Okay, so that’s all good and well but what about this upcoming week? Well that depends on a couple things, but here’s what I’ll strive for:

  • Another article template (and its subsequent articles) migrated to Gutenberg
  • Finish the two pieces of music
  • Artwork for the update

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