Forecast In Extremis

Forecast October 29

I missed last week, so this will cover the previous two weeks and look ahead to the next.

Well, here’s what I’ve done in the last two weeks:

  • Begun migrating content over to the new WordPress (Gutenberg) editor
    • This has included changing all of my post/article templatesGenerally, Gutenberg is much more streamlined and visually easier to edit on my end, but doesn’t seem to quite have *all* the features I am used to…yet?
  • The following posts/articles have been updated/edited:
  • Soundtrack Saturday: “Winter (The Wind Can Be Still” from Stardew Valley

Next week looks to be busy again as I get the ball back into the rolling position:

  • October Wrap-Up
  • Information on the upcoming Update
  • Another Soundtrack Saturday
  • Working on artwork
  • Migrating more posts to Gutenberg
  • Working on music (for the update)

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