Roaming with Fire, Book V

Roaming with Fire, Book V
Biography30 LottNakhanibha yla Mabharl 975 A.T.588

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Account of Mis’Kelin’s travels while tangentially employed by a team of Poria researchers in Northern Parallelium.


Scene: Inside the mountain, Zisdhalilci
Date: 28 Tos. 961 A.T.

After what felt like an hour of walking, the young avoc finally caught up to the pori, who were still working. For a few minutes, he was able to watch their work without being noticed. One of the five pori would heat their arms, removing all of the hardened plates and sticking their molten appendages into the far wall of the tunnel as far as they could without climbing into the wall themselves. After they removed their arms, two of the remaining four used tools shaped vaguely like pickaxes to pry the rock from the wall, beginning with the tools inside the holes the arms created and eventually spreading the full width and heigh of the tunnel. The other two would then feed the removed rock into a machine that slowly produced the beams that held the tunnel up.

The last Poria to take their turn melting the wall was Alhicj, who exclaimed when he saw the Avotoc standing there arms full. “Mik wha—“ He quickly caught himself, remembering the other pori were around. “Mis’Kelin! What is the purpose of your presence here?”

“Well uh…our camp got surrounded by pirates.”

Another pori spoke up, whose name Mik didn’t know. “Did you say pirates?”

“Yes. Pirates.”

“Are you certain these were pirates? What was the quantity of their presence?” A pori, still creating a new beam asked, obviously not distracted from the task at hand. Mik recognized this one as Daekul dul Cukalizsy.

“Yes, absolutely. I believe around one-hundred. But they didn’t follow me in, I knocked out the first two stone supports.”

The five pori stopped working for several seconds. Alhicj spoke first; changing his face as he spoke. “You did what?”

“Well the pirates were coming—and I’m good but not that good—and they had already taken our camp, which is why I have all this—“ Mik interrupted himself, motioning with his head to the pile of goods in his arms. “I shot the first two supports out to collapse the entrance – the ones that were rock so that they couldn’t get in.”

Daekul spoke up again, “It is no matter now,” turning to the others. “We have no option remaining other than to continue forward. It is fortuitous that Mis’Kelin saw fit to bring the lava containers.”

“LAVA?! That’s what in these things? How am I not burning alive?”

All five pori faces changed into somewhat similar shapes, all remembering some form of laughter or excitement. “There are Poria whose intellect far surpass those present here.” Alhicj spoke up, clarifying—somewhat—to Mik.

So the group continued forward, making progress slower than before, as during the time of day when the pori would normally sleep they kept tunneling, burning through the lava canisters just six hours after Mik arrived. When he woke up, Mik noticed the tunnel felt much different than when he began sleeping, perhaps some hours earlier. To his left—towards the outside of the mountain—he could feel less space and air, despite not being able to see further than a few meters in that direction. To his right he could see a faint glow in the distance, much further than he knew the tunnel to be.

He got up, slowly walking down the tunnel. His food was almost gone, as were the lava canisters. In the distance, he could distinctly see one pori walking towards him, separating itself from the glow. Just how far did they did while I was asleep?