Roaming with Fire, Book III

Roaming with Fire, Book III
ClassValueOriginWord Count
Biography30 LottNakhanibha yla Mabharl 975 A.T.860

Series Information

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Account of Mis’Kelin’s travels while tangentially employed by a team of Poria researchers in Northern Parallelium.


Scene: Zisdhalilci
Date: 25 Tos. 961 A.T.

As the two ships came down through the atmosphere , Mik guided his ship into the lead. It was wood where theirs was metal, but he was protection and he had to land his in the water—so he wanted to make sure they didn’t stray too far from where he could land.

Pirates. Mik could see them scattered about his ideal landing spot—a nice fat river. He had been trained, of sorts, to spot them over the years, but he wasn’t sure whether the pori could see the pirates, or knew to even look for them. Before he began the landing procedure he quickly ran inside, getting his double voulge, shield, and two pistols that he had never used on a guild mission. Hopefully it still worked. Upon returning to the helm, Mik pulled his ship up into a slower descent so that he could immediately disembark.

Before the engines shut off and without throwing any anchor overboard, the avoc flew from the railing onto the banks of the river, dropping his weapon as he landed so that he could roll. The pori in their ship seemed to stall overhead, so they must be able to see at least something was wrong. As they hung in the air, there were no shots or attacks from the pirates to the ship. Did they not have any firearms?

Not that he would have time or the interest in asking the pirates. After a few had been dispatched, he watched several more crawl out of the river, presumably coming from the other side. Typical pirates, didn’t climb into his ship and take his escape route away – just came and tried to kill him and take his stuff to sell for Lott. These pirates too were made quick work of and before he knew it, Mik was watching the pori land their ship on the opposite bank of the river. Disgruntled, the young avoc threw his voulge on his back and swam back to his ship. After climbing up the hull, he stood on the deck and motioned to the Poria ship. He wanted to talk.

When Alhicj was on the deck of the Poria ship, Mik called out. “Where to from here?”

“We need to travel an hour inland, away from the river.” Pointing perpendicular to the course of the river as it was, “Or we can take our ship there in minutes. Yours will be abandoned.”

“And if you leave your ship here; what happens to mine?”

In response, Alhicj threw a thick metal cable—like a rope wove from metallic fibers—that Mik struggled to catch. “Tie this to something metal and don’t get get in the water until after I return.” Alhicj then went into the ship, and moments later Mik saw a wave of electricity come towards him on the cable, stopping just short of where he had tied it. Momentarily, Alhicj was back outside the ship, motioning for Mik to come as close as possible. “Get as much as you can with weapons, and a few days of food. The cable is safe to travel, for now.” As quickly as the pori had come out of the ship he disappeared again.

While Mik was getting his supplies together, the pori retrieved their excavation supplies and a mobile camp that they would wheel to the dig site. Momentarily, Mik and his belongings were traveling along the cable, onto and quickly off of the Poria ship. The four archaeologists and ethnologists would be traveling with their gear, while Alhicj and the Avotoc would bring up the rear with the mobile camp and their supplies. Naturally, the two acquaintances passed time as they walked, in hushed voices to avoid the civility of the other Poria.

“How is your time at the guild coming? Have you saved many more people; you’ve been there a few years now right?”

“Actually the guild closed down just as I got back from my most recent mission.”

“Oh, so you won’t be going back there…What happened?”

“No, after this I’ll be trying to find consistent work. And as for the guild – OLAH.”

Alhicj was silent for several seconds, changing his face again while maintaining eye contact with Mik. “I see. Assuming this expedition is fruitful, there could be more work for you with our department. Perhaps this team or another—we were supposed to go on another research trip before we discovered this.”

Pondering, Mik was silent for a moment. “Have you ever heard of The Resistance?”


“I think they work against OLAH.”

“So they shut your guild down and you’re going to fight them? A war?”

“Maybe.” Mik shrugged as much he could with all this equipment on his back. “I need food, bed and something to do with the rest of my life.”

“I see.” The pori up front looked behind them at the pair, and Alhicj broke into his civil tone. “We require your assistance here, however. Your contributions will be appropriately compensated, but I cannot guarantee future work.”

Mik shot a look ahead. That mountain was getting bigger. “Right.”