Roaming with Fire, Book I

Roaming with Fire, Book I
ClassValueOriginWord Count
Biography30 LottNakhanibha yla Mabharl 975 A.T.664

Series Information

N/ABook II

Account of Mis’Kelin’s travels while tangentially employed by a team of Poria researchers in Northern Parallelium.


Scene: Raetpokg, Livbaptnog
Date: 19 Tos. 961 A.T.

For many years in the young avoc’s life, Raetpokt had housed the Pale Swords, the sword, shield, and other various weapon carrying members of a fighter’s guild that handled many non-Omneuttian disputes among the Pale Shores, specifically in the sparsely populated southwestern reaches. Almost certainly the guild had stood longer than the avocs had been there, but he could only certify with his own experience that it had been running for the last six years of his young, eighteen-year life. There were Avotoc of many ages in the guild, wise and seasoned combat veterans, as well as energetic and ambitious ones like Mis’Kelin. Not that he asked, but he was sure none of them could imagine life in the area without the guild. At least, he could not imagine his life without the guild.

As he re-entered the complex, he saw two cloaked figures that he had hoped to never see. Two delegates from the Omni-Lata Ad-Hocracy were in the main area. One each from the Division of Abidance and Adherance—the guild was to be disbanded, and organizations like it would no longer be allowed.

“I may not be allowed to lead this guild anymore, but that doesn’t mean I don’t care about all of you.” Misk felt a heavy hand on his shoulder, that of Ak’Lendov.

“So what becomes of all of us? What am I to do, still not old enough to work according to those boneheads at Vanpog.”

“I know, I know. I am unsure of what most of us will do, but for you I have this: we received some correspondence from a pori by the name of, uh, bear with me … al hiks?”

“Yes, Alhicj! Good on him, still alive. What did he have to say?”

“Well I thought you might like to read for yourself, so we transcribed it out.” Ak’Lendov handed Misk a sheet with come what was noticeably hastily scrawled words. How long had the delegates been here?

“Mis’Kelin // I anticipate you will read this in good circumstances. Either way, I am compelled to again, thank you for rendering aid upon me the last time we met. Your assistance was invaluable to my pursuits. If not for your aid, I likely would have perished in unfavourable circumstances. // As an expression of my thanks, I extend an opportunity of business for your services. A team of ethno-archaeologists I now work for requires the services of an individual much like yourself. The coordinates of the destination can be transmitted to a map device after the duration of this message. We will be awaiting your reply in the next 10 hours. // Alhicj”

“10 hours?! When was this received?”

“Oh, do not worry. We replied in your name and said you accept. It’s all the way in Parallelium, but you could guess that.” The elder avoc began to steer Mik back to where he had been living, and away from the common area, where the delegates still lingered, answering questions from other guild members. “You’ll be leaving as soon as you can in our small craft. I’m trying to save the two others to ferry the remaining guild members around Pale Shores as this point of our lives comes to a close. But your story is just beginning. You must go.”

“Right. I was going to say I was going.” Mik paused, looking around what he now realized was his room. “So this is it? I just go and there’s nothing to come back to?” The tops of his eyes sagged as he turned to look at Ak’Lendov for perhaps the last time.

“You can always go home?”

“You think so?”

“With all you’ve accomplished?” Lendov took a moment to let the sadness dissipate from Misk’s face. “I’m going to go make sure your ship is ready. Gather all your things, but don’t take too long.”