Forecast In Extremis

Forecast April 16

Hah, I bet you thought I forgot about the forecast. Well, I didn’t. I only forgot until an hour ago.

Last week was a great week because it was an update week! Here’s what happened:

  • Soundtrack Saturday: Halo 2’s “Ancient Machine” which more or less served as the Flood theme in this game
  • The Shadows Update: Mostly focused on Reykata and things surrounding them, but here’s the new articles:
  • Rey’ynar: In Extremis’ first real villain, known so far from the Annals of Dystopia series
  • Alekodst: The setting of the aforementioned series
  • Before Time: Pretty self-evident what this article contains
  • After Time: Hrm, this one too.

What’s going on with In Extremis this week?

  • Plug away at the almost-finished side content and ready it for a future update
  • Go through my database and mine it for article topics
    • (I’ve covered this process before in XII and a half where I try to create articles called for by existing articles)
  • Work on some artwork to help improve existing articles, again for a future update

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