Before Time


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Before Time is the collective period before the Timekeeping Reset. Though no exhaustive record exists of this time, it is believed to be at least 800 years in duration. This article is a chronological record of Before Time events, from the formation of the Known Universe to the Timekeeping Reset. Due to the lack of formal timekeeping within the time period, the dates are listed in reverse with the end of the period being 0 B.T.

Before Time


  • ~800 Aster is created, along with the Known Universe


  • 771-723 First “Golden” Years
  • 723-700 Extiru imprisons other seven Deities


  • 700-687 Porrair takes control of Omneutta
  • 687-685 Sham’ayntakes control of Omneutta
  • 685-677 First Deity War
  • 677-650 Quarrnyl rebuilds
  • 650-623 Davoto kills off many lifeforms


  • 623-526 Haket takes the souls of all those killed, rescues Quarrnyl
  • 526-509 Second Deity War


  • 509-485 Universe-wide rebuilding effort
  • 500-450 Construction of Astran, and Tyme
  • 450-417 Second “Golden” Years
  • 417 Avotoc created





  • 0 Timekeeping Reset

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