In Extremis Wrap-Up

2017 Year Wrap-Up


2017 was interesting. The first quarter kind of went awry while I toiled away on my undergraduate thesis–you’ll see how that played out on the website in a second. In turn of events, the website had record views in four months (April, June, July, October), and was better than 2016 in an additional month (August)! 2017 also had flat out higher total views than 2017, mostly in part to the record third of the year. While we didn’t top 2016 in articles (34), 31 articles still got to the website in this year.

  • 1st-Quarter Wrap-Up: The Annals of Dystopia series almost got finished, as well as some more dekstops
  • April/May: Dystopia series finished up in April, 2016’s Soundtrack Saturdays were collected in one spot, and a couple new wallpapers. Despite the lack of content, best April ever. May…not so much
  • June: The second YouTube Single (Niuavi), more Wallpapers, a Future Plans (XI), and a focus on Kettlah
  • July: Poria focus, a culture article, a Species EP, three books, and a language article
  • August: Poria Races and a desktop, but the rest of the month on Quarryn and Xiruen. Xiruen EP, races, language, and desktops for both
  • September: Sha’an focused with an EP, culture article, language, artwork, and the first section of the Ontiba was finished
  • October: Sha’an wrapped up (pun intended), Gallants were reintroduced, and the end of the month had a Turath focus: new EP, artwork, Culture, and Taruthe and Haket articles appeared
  • November: A new YouTube Single, Gallants begun (with a new wallpaper), Lore got put into the menubar, and a couple of new articles/pages exist on the Lore page
  • December: Index 2.0 came out along with its wallpaper, an animal article, some heady artwork, and the Ontiba Section Two has a snippet, along with a new Future Plans (XII)
  • 2017 Soundtrack Saturday: 43 weeks, so We missed some 8 or 9 Saturdays along the way. Covering roughly 20 tracks a piece of In Extremis and other video games, plenty of time to spend with good music

2018 is another open year for the website. When I made this address last year (check it out here at the end) I said that I wasn’t sure what the year held. I was still writing Dead Run and I thought I’d be publishing that sometime in the year. Instead, I took down the self-published Chasing Shadows and am going the traditional publishing route instead, hopefully sooner than later. So, in the most immediate future, I think the Ontiba will see more expansion, as well as smaller details of the universe being finalized with locations, wildlife, and famous Omneuttians getting articles.

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