Forecast In Extremis Wrap-Up

December Wrap-Up

The last month of 2017. You know what that means, a year in review will be here shortly, but first we have to take care of what happened this month:

  • Another Delay: Unfortunately, The Index didn’t come out on time. Or, the time after that
  • The Index: But it came out eventually, and it looks phenomenal!
  • Index Wallpaper: Bottom row, center column. Fair warning: it’s a huge file
  • Aganeihat: Finally, an article! Meet a mineral crunching ram from Parallelium
  • Turath and Sha’an Heads: A lineup of painterly heads of both sentient species showing off different fur colourations, hair patterns, spotting, and gender/weight/age differences
  • Poria Heads: The same thing can’t really be done with the Poria, since they place no value on aesthetics and don’t really age the same way. So, their faces might change due to the emotion they’re attempting to express (maybe, still thinking about how and why Poria change their faces)
  • Ontiba Section Two: A work in progress, but an initial glimpse into the expanse of time between all the deities’ creation and the Timekeeping Reset, specifically from Extiru’s point of view
  • Future Plans: Part XII: Part XI came out 6 months ago, so what do the next 6 months (or so) hold? Find out here!

January will have part of what I talked about in Future Plans XII, organizing articles mostly, scrubbing Chasing Shadows from the site as that information goes out of date. I’ve got the second section of the Ontiba to continue getting out (as I finish proofreading what I wrote throughout this month), and building lists of articles that need creating about cities, places, people, and things. See you next year!

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