Forecast In Extremis Wrap-Up

November Wrap-Up

Another month with a Wrap-Up right on time! Unfortunately, November doesn’t have a lot of content… According to the In Extremis category, there were no articles published in November. That’s true, but that doesn’t mean nothing happened.

  • Turath Wallpaper: First row from the bottom, centered
  • Gallants Wallpaper: Towards the middle of the page, above the species wallpapers and below the smaller desktop wallpapers
  • Lore: I snuck this onto the bottom of the ‘Information’ sub-heading under ‘In Extremis’ in the menu this month, it’s a handy page and needs more to be filled out. More on that later
  • Immortals: The first real big addition to the Lore page, Immotals details not just the Ontautt, but many of the first Sentient Species
  • Index Delay: You can click the link if you want, but both the sidebar and what you’re currently reading will tell you that The Index is delayed until December 15
  • Ava: A new YouTube single! Check it out (on YouTube)
  • Ava Wallpaper: The actual bottom row, on the right

Now comes the part where I talk about what December will bring. Wanted to take a look back for a second–there is no November 2016 Wrap-Up. Go ahead and check, I just looked as I was writing this. November 2017 beat the previous two years’ Novembers by ~33% in terms of site views, so despite everything, it was the second best November (out of four). Now, for December. Obviously in two weeks time comes The Index 2.0. I’ve made a lot of artwork (largely hidden from you until the point of release) as sort of a surprise, and there’s plenty of deep insights to go with it. Aside from The Index 2.0, I’m not sure what December will bring, and I think that’s the first time I’ve felt this way in a while. The majority of the year had Sentient Species themes, and I was really trying to get The Index out this month. There’s plenty left on the plate (that I constantly add to), including many projects I’ve mentioned: new Ontiba, Species Faces, and word on Chasing Shadows. I can confirm I worked on all three of those this month, so we’ll see where things go. Thanks for reading!

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