Index 2.0 Delay

Unfortunately, I have had to push the Index 2.0 back to December 15th. No clickbait or anything, right there at the top. If you want to keep reading I’ll explain why pretty succinctly.

A few months ago I didn’t expect to be here. What is here exactly? Well, now I’m getting my Masters, getting more of my music read and performed in this year than I have in the past four years. With where in the world my Masters put me, I was able to take a wonderful Thanksgiving break and de-stress quite a bit while I’m here. I plan to get back to school/work over the weekend and I have a full schedule when I get back to school, so I’d rather focus on that than The Index. The additional two weeks will provide me the time to take care of school as I wrap up my first semester in a new level of education, and not feel pressured by an impending deadline, so some articles from The Index with new content might leak out in the meantime.

I’ll be back this monday with the forecast.


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