Forecast In Extremis

Forecast November 20

Well, that was midterms–at least for me. Thanksgiving break is now upon us.

Not a terrible week, but not a lot went on:

  • Index work: Unfortunately didn’t put a preview out, but I will definitely be filling your thanksgiving facebook feed with some previews as articles inch closer to completion
  • Soundtrack Saturday: Donkey Kong Country! Did you play this game?? The water levels had a great track!

So, what’s going on with In Extremis this week?

  • Stuffing my fac–oh, right. In Extremis.
  • Daily Index Previews
  • Soundtrack Saturday of In Extremis (another YouTube single??)
  • Artwork for possible YouTube single
  • More Index related artwork
  • Index should be done by this time next week, with a few spare days for tweaks and polishing

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