Forecast In Extremis

Forecast November 13

A full week of November. It was cold, then warm, then cold, then somewhere in the middle.

Almost started another streak last week, but anemic site updates prevented that:

  • Gallants Wallpaper: Towards the middle, on the left where the abstract black one used to be
  • Gallants Characters: Meet the characters from the Gallants RP over on the Sewer
  • Aganeihat: Well, just look at it
  • Soundtrack Saturday: The Blade EP (and thus all Species EPs) are now on YouTube! Stream to your heart’s content
  • Index Preview:

What’s going on with In Extremis this week?

  • Index work continues
  • Ontiba writing miiiiight get published
  • More new artwork (to be found in The Index)

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