Forecast In Extremis

Forecast October 30

A good week again; momentum builds as The Index inches closer.

This week was a great week. Not the best we’ve had, but still something worth looking at:

  • Taruthe: This is the last deity article! Celebrate in whatever method you deem appropriate for learning about all of the major gods and goddesses of In Extremis–finally
  • Turath EP: The last Species EP is also here! What a week it is for Turath related knowledge
  • Turath Culture: Speaking of Turath knowledge, this isn’t a new article, but two sections were buffed/introduced, those being Family and Transportation
  • C-c-c-combo breaker: This week saw our streak of 18 consecutive days with a site hit broken. It was the longest streak in two years, and the largest streak by views in the site’s history!

What’s going on with In Extremis this week?

  • Gallants RP signups end on friday
  • Turath Dekstop
  • Index Preview(s)

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