Haket (hah-keht)

Biographical Information

OntauttMaleWinged Spectre

Religious Information

TitlesDomainsHoly Text
Winged OneThe SoulThe Kel


ClothesArmourWeaponrySeen With
Deity Robes, Black CloakNoneStaff of DivergenceOntautt


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Haket was created by Aster at the request of the previous deity Davoto. Upon realizing that the beings alive did not realize death was imminent, and that the departed’s lessons were not passed on, Davoto requested another Deity.


Haket has domain over departed souls, the responsibility of transmitting knowledge from the departed to the living, and conveying wishes of the living to the departed. He also has control over light itself, and creatures of flight.


Haket’s Staff of Divergence has many uses, the chief of which is purported by the Kettlah to be able to rearrange Omneutta temporarily to align the gates, in accordance with Kettlah philosophy.

View of Sentient Species

Haket’s view of Sentient Species are quite similar to Aster’s in the ends, but quite different in the means. While Aster and Haket both view the Sentient Species as positive overall, Haket less favourable to the Sentient Species’ agency as a whole. Haket was quite pleased with the extraordinarily long lifespans of his Sentient Species (the Kettlah) in particular, with the assumption that they would aid his process of communication between the living and the dead (of all species, not just the Sentient ones). According to the Ontiba Section 3, the reason for the Kettlah’s lack of outright flight is due to his displeasure regarding their assistance or lack thereof. There are numerous rumors of statues to Haket appearing throughout major city-centres across Omneutta and disappearing, presumably being Haket in disguise.


  • Ontiba 1:2