Forecast In Extremis Wrap-Up

September Wrap-Up


September was a good month. Predictably a little slower, as I started school (again). The Sha’an had a lot of lore already on the site, with the Annals of Dystopia book series, but it was added to with their language, plus artwork and articles:

  • Jistlek: Language of the Turath, knocked off October’s language very early in September
  • Jazt’a: Sha’an language, not too much later
  • Fall Fixer Up: A quick description of what went wrong, and a tally of what it took to fix it
  • Sha’an Heads: Some realistic looking artwork of differences in Sha’an heads featuring different skin/fur colours, spotted complexions, calico markings, and different head, ear, and shoulder shapes
  • Sha’an Culture: A bunch of new artwork, and lore/background material is here
  • Ontiba: Just the first two chapters (all of section one) was updated. New material soon!
  • The Blade EP: Don’t miss it! It’s just a dollar and brand spankin’ new

October will be about Turath. There’s a lot of that already out, so I can slowly let some Index material out, as well as some new books, writing, and artwork. The ‘new’ Ontiba material should be out soon, so hopefully October will be great!

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