Forecast In Extremis

Forecast September 25

In the last week, I managed to add some things to the site. Imagine that.

Everything that went on last week didn’t make it to the site, so here it is:

  • Sha’an Culture: A bunch of new artwork, and lore/background material is here
  • Soundtrack Saturday: Siege Dancers from the Destiny Soundtrack
  • Ontiba: Aster:1 has been updated and rewritten to clear some things up, as well

What’s going on with In Extremis this week?

  • More Sha’an artwork
  • Ontiba 1:2 formatting finished, hopefully another book to add
  • A couple of incomplete articles that are more of a lore tease
  • In Extremis Soundtrack Saturday (psssst, probably Sha’an music)

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