Fall Fixer-Up

Well. If you’d tried poking around the site over the past week, you might’ve been met with errors.This was due to switching domains – the site has gone from .co back to .com (we’d briefly experimented with .com years ago) and subsequently all of the links on the website were broken. Eventually, this could happen again when the website upgrades and we’re able to have static pages that look more like a wiki directory for the articles than blog posts with dates. But if/when that happens, it won’t be soon.

Anywho, here’s the report on what was fixed:

  • 223 articles in total were fixed, links to and from blog posts aren’t a huge concern. If there are those of you who go back and read the monthly wrap-ups and such, let me know and I will go back and make sure those link correctly
  • The orange and white octagons on those 223 articles are now the correct ones (there were 10-20 wrong ones), and no longer function as links to their media file. My bad.
  • The tags have been reworked, there are now 56 tags instead of 100+, and several articles were properly tagged. For instance, the new tags with the species’ plurals will take you to individual members of that species’ articles, should they exist (sorry, no Sha’an characters yet).
  • As a subset of this, if you want to read any of the in-universe books, you only need to click the tag ‘book’. There are 20 articles tagged with this right now, so it will soon grow larger among the tag cloud.
  • All in all, 342 broken links were fixed on the site. That’s far more than I usually get with a cleaning — where I go back and add links to articles that didn’t exist when previously referenced — and I need to do one of those again soon. Maybe around the New Year.



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