Jistlek is a visually simple language to represent all of the available sounds of Omneuttians. The vowels and consonants have become visually distinctive due to the mid-lines of the characters becoming much thicker.


Behind The Language

Used by Turath
Pronunciation yEsht-lehzj

Jistlek is made up mainly of horizontal and vertical lines, with diagonal lines, curves, and dots to set apart similar characters. The characters of Jistlek are similar to Jazt’a, but represent letters rather than morphemes. Letters can vary in usage and pronunciation depending on whether they begin, end, or are in the middle of the word. See the letters connected to ‘-‘s in the pronunciation guide for specifics.


Jistlek is one of two languages to use every pronunciation in the Omneuttian Pronunciation Guide. Its vowels and consonants are usually identifiable by the thick lines that run vertically or horizontally for vowels and consonants respectively. Each vowel has a subsection of a character, in addition to consonant groupings (plosives, fricatives, etc.).


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