In Extremis Wrap-Up

August Wrap-Up


August had a lot of stuff on the site, so all in all pretty good. There was a dual focus of Xiruen and Quarryn, as each were missing some things. Plenty of articles, artwork, and new music in the month, even though this post comes in September:

  • Poria Races: The Poria races aren’t just superficial, their colour is based on the mineral contents of the two Poria who conceived them. More races could crop up over time
  • Poria Desktop: Near the bottom of the media page, take a gander at one of the Poria’s plain cityscapes, recently rebuilt for the rail system
  • Taenglaa: Another language article! Read about the complex language of the Quarryn, which evolved as they lost their ability to see to be a language of inflections
  • Gallants: This page is for pre-made characters for an upcoming Role-Playing adventure. More information on that later
  • Xiruen Culture: An article on the culture of the desert dwelling Xiruen, with a minor detailing the role that Realms play
  • The Outcropping EP: 19′ of Xiruen music, aurally illustrating the sounds of their worlds
  • Xiruen Races: Xiruen races are also non-cosmetic, with different head shapes and arm lengths based on their terrain evolving over time
  • Quarryn Races: Quarryn races are three of the most distinctive, changes include skin colour, finger count, finger shape, and tree-vein arrangement
  • Barzacc: The language of the Xiruen is relatively simple, in both characters and total letters
  • Quarryn Desktop: Another desktop to the media page, right next to the Poria one, where an Eefiga hides in the distance
  • Chasing Shadows: If you haven’t seen on the facebook page, the Chasing Shadows Paperback is on sale for roughly $5, and the two soundtracks (full and piano) are $1 a piece! It’s a flash sale so get them soon before they’re gone

September is going to focus on Sha’an. No alliteration intended. Upcoming content should include another EP, a desktop, and multiple articles. Books may or may not come, as there is the Annals of Dystopia series already. We shall see.

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