Barzacc has evolved over time to incorporate variations from multiple Realms. The language has never been rigidly defined in width, height, or spacing between letters and words, just general shapes that make up each letter. As a result, there are several scripts that exist of the language.


Behind The Language

Used by Xiruen
Pronunciation buhr-zuhks

Barzacc has no preference towards lines, sharp edges, round corners, circles, or squares. What has been prioritized is efficiency in writing so the characters are very generalize-able.



There are 17 vowels and consonants each, with no discrepancy in style in the design of the letters. Many vowel sounds require an ‘a’, especially the hard letter sounds such as A, E, I, O, and U. Not all vowels in the ‘a’ family require the letter. The kw sound, represented in English by the ‘qu’ combination is the letter ‘k’ in Barzacc.


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