Quarryn Races


Quarryn are a Sentient Species that is generally viewd by non-Quarryn as reclusive, though this is not the case. Overall as a species, they lack vision and instead make up for it through the sense of touch—most often relying on their feet to sense vibration through natural ground. Some races of Quarryn are more adept at this than others.


Average Height Average Weight Distinctions
1.6 meters
5′ 3″
66 kg.
145 lbs.
Olive-Green Skin, Tree-Vein Pointer Finger

Goilee are the most recognizable Quarryn, as they are more versatile when it comes to living arrangements. Quarryn do not need to exist in any specific environment, as long as the ground is natural. Their branch-veins are the most visible among Quarryn races, and it takes the place of their third/pointer finger and is much longer.


Average Height Average Weight Distinctions
1.57 meters
5′ 2″
64 kg.
141 lbs.
Blue-Green Skin, Three Fingers

Uiiseg are fairly amphibious Quarryn. In addition to their mouthes, they have small gills on their necks, and their branch-veins are made from a more sponge-like material that can extract oxygen from water as they swim. As such, Uiiseg residences are more akin to dams built by beavers on Earth. They have three fingers on their hands, with a webbing between each to aid in swimming. Uiiseg are usually found in Eaalaaem, where the waters are the deepest across Matriarch Grove.


Average Height Average Weight Distinctions
1.5 meters
5′ 1″
65 kg.
143 lbs.
Dark-Green Skin, Segmented Tree-Veins

Craob are the most reclusive of the three Quarryn races, as they prefer to grow their trees so that branches make both the furniture and walls of their living quarters. This means that Craob have to climb up trees to their places of residence, a process aided by their long three fingers and pointed feet. Craob are most commonly found in Elder Greens, though they can be found high above the ground in New Growth and Eaalaaem.


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