Xiruen Races


Xiruen are towering behemoths, usually preferring to live separate from the other Sentient Species. They are distinguishable not only by their height, but by their four arms. The upper pair are usually smaller than the lower pair. Their bones are quite hard and can be used to punch through most rocks. Models of each race’s head are shown – without horns as those differ from male to female – as the facial structure is the largest difference among Xiruen races.


Average Height Average Weight Distinctions
2.4 meters
8′ 4″
165 kg.
363 lbs.
Rounded Head, Large Eyes, Straight Neck

Xeviin are the most abundant race of Xiruen. Their most obvious distinction is the large eyes in their rounded heads. Their eyes have grown over generations due to their tendency to liver further inside rocks than other races of Xiruen. Xeviin are also the only race with a straight neck.


Average Height Average Weight Distinctions
2.4 meters
8′ 5″
168 kg.
370 lbs.
Conical Head, Small Eyes, Flat Nose, Long Upper-Arms

While they still only have one bone between shoulder and wrist on their upper arms, it is much longer. Xemgen prefer to carve their homes in the sides of cliff faces, requiring Xiruen to climb to their homes – and they evolved naturally longer upper arms as a result. Their chins also have a small protrusion at the base.


Average Height Average Weight Distinctions
2.4 meters
8′ 4″
170 kg.
375 lbs.
Round Head, Medium Sized Eyes, Angled Neck, Small Chin

Xegoir are more of a mix between the other two races, in many aspects. They tend to build into rock and then down, as opposed to building floors up or climbing structures to begin with. Their horns are notably shorter and thinner.


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