Xiruen Culture



According to the Ontiba, Xiruen were created when Extiru felt he had been slighted by not having a Sentient Species created in his image. Culturally, they have harboured this resentment for eons. Much like the Sha’an, they have isolated themselves over time from the rest of Omneuttian society.


The symbol depicts a Xiruen, with four arms and a horn. Like their language Barzacc, the symbol is not always drawn with the cleanest of lines, but the circle, crescent, four horizontal lines and one vertical line is a clear enough motif that hastily drawn versions of the symbol are still clear. Symbols for Xiruen Realms are also draw inspiration from this symbol, with motifs of two lines and crescents and/or circles seen in nearly every Realm’s symbol.


Capitol Currency Notable Members
None Lott Dai-Zamaar

Xiruen can have two or three names, depending on their standing with various groups, their Realm or lack thereof. There is no current central government, as a single government with Realms as branches has splintered into each Realm being its own local government.


Family dynamics are long-gone from Xiruen culture, though they did exist at one point. This is mainly visible via given names, and the continued existence of monogamous relationships for most Xiruen. Names are given to newborn Xiruen by their parents and are frequently one parent or the other’s name. If a child has the same given name as a parent and is the same gender, modifications are made to the name to reflect such.
Xiruen do sexually reproduce, with the mothers carrying the fetus for fifty-eight (58) weeks. In Xiruen communities without easy access to technological advancements of other Sentient Species, childbirth is still an often painful and life-threatening procedure.


Xiruen are organized into Realms. Each Realm is ruled by a Rex. The structure below a Rex is messy to make applicable to all realms, but accomplished Xiruen – whether in trade or battle – often have higher status than ‘normal’ citizens. Below normal citizens are those who have left the society of Realms for academia. Below scholars are those who have been spared by the Rex in solo combat, and finally those Xiruen who have broken the laws of the Realm, which are usually few but all-encompassing.


As Xiruen culture is disparate, there is no room culturally for music making and any previous traditions of making music have vanished from their culture. Music published depicts The Outcropping as a whole, or specific locales.


Xiruen are strictly carnivorous, and usually feed on domesticated reptiles. These reptiles are captured and cared for each by specialized Xiruen. After generations of breeding, some Xiruen have taken to farming reptiles that have far more meat, leading to higher profits and reduced costs.


Main Article: Xiruen Religion

Xiruen are ritualistic more than spiritual, putting their stock in superstitious actions that have produced favourable or at least non-negative results in the past several times over. One of these is their death tradition of Ukhlin Thuim, where the dead are placed on a pyre and pushed off the edge of a continent towards the star-core. Glorious deaths for powerful Xiruen go through the same process, but down a waterfall towards the star-core.


Xiruen clothing is mostly cloth based, coloured based on the Realm a particular Xiruen is a member of. Higher standing in the Realm leads to more cloth, and for high ranking members, metal armour. Scavenged pieces of metal can be added by any Xiruen, but often do not have the insignia of the Realm. Xiruen seeking more protection from the elements of their environment can wrap themselves or parts of their body in either leather or off-white cloth cut from other Realm’s coloured garb after removing the colour.


Xiruen’s ability to build out of the natural environment rivals only that of the Quarryn—the Sentient Species that grows trees into buildings. Most “rock” that dominates the worlds of The Outcropping is actually hardened vegetative material, a special kind of plant family that grows slowly overtime towards prolonged sources of light. While Xiruen can punch and kick through actual rock, this vegetative material is much easier to work with and ‘carve’ with their hands.


Xiruen ships are modular, as they don’t believe a ship should be drastically different when carrying you 100 or 10,000 kilometers. The base ship (far left) can handle space travel, but not for extended periods of time. The space-faring version, (top right) adds an extra layer of metal protection to the ship, in addition to ensuring the ship is at 12 thrusters. Additionally, the walkway extends with hydraulic lifts lowering stone weights to anchor the ship. Additional pods can be placed atop the ship higher and higher, rotating 90 degrees at each level to accommodate more passengers or cargo.


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