Character Name: Naka yla Seljovh (nah-kah ylah sehl-johv)
Species: Poria
Race: Ylargi
Gender: Female
Height: 1.78 m. | 5’ 10″
Weight: 73 kg. | 161 lbs.
Age: 19
Physical Description: Thin, even for her age due to lack of nutrition. Fairly orange with little/no tint. Basalt rocks, which have thinned and become fewer due to aforementioned lack of nutrition, especially visible around neck and feet/ankles.
Species/Racial Effects: Will soon be able to shoot jets of flames from hands/feet
Weaponry: Can heat hands and feet
Favourite Food(s): Soft rocks
Personality: Shy, reserved, skittish but not anti social.
Schooling: Can speak Omnel (English), Jibhaga, no more than 10 years of formal schooling
Previous Profession(s): student/none
Backstory: After leaving Parallelium nearly 10 years ago, she spent some time wandering before becoming a Gallant.

Character Name: Adry ‘Jowo (ah-drE jO-wO)
Species: Turath
Race: N/A
Gender: Male
Height: 1.83 m. | 6’ 1″
Weight: 92.9 kg. | 205 lbs.
Age: 46
Physical Description: Thin and spry for a Turath, with a tinge of androgyny. Has a slightly effeminate figure, with thinner shoulders and waist, and slightly rounded, thinner strands of mane hair.
Species/Racial Effects:
Weaponry: Air-Cannon, Extending/Collapsing bowstaff
Favourite Food(s): Mushrooms, Fish
Personality: One of, if not the most personable of the Gallants. While his brainpower could lead him astray in social situations, he has enough social skills to avoid most of those pitfalls.
Schooling: Primary schooling, no secondary/advanced/focused schooling
Previous Profession(s):
Backstory: Adry grew up in the city the Gallants call home, watching the current Reuk in charge was a Gallant, which reportedly drove Adry to become one himself. He’s made all of his own weapons and spends most of his time researching or inventing.

Character Name: Dai-Zamaar (dI zuh-mahr)
Species: Xiruen
Race: Xeviin
Gender: Female
Height: 2.54 m. | 8’ 4″
Weight: 157 kg. | 346 lbs.
Age: ~70+
Physical Description: A lightly bronzed Xiruen with a more rounded, lanky bone structure in both the face and body. With a long, jagged horn, it is evident that she has seen many battles.
Species/Racial Effects: Bones strong enough to break rock in all four fists and both knees.
Weaponry: Uses lower arms in addition to horn as weapons.
Favourite Food(s): White meats, thick vegetation
Personality: Matronly, several mother-bear-type instincts. Willing to put herself at risk in defense of younger, less experienced Gallants, even going so far as to sometimes attempt to defend seasoned veteran Galants as well.
Schooling: N/A
Previous Profession(s): N/A
Backstory: Dai was found by the Reuk, Ochra ‘Jowoby several years ago and was raised with what little knowledge of her own culture that Ochra could find locally. She is assumed reclusive or secretive about her past, but the truth is that she has little memories of even her first years at Cyliajaca.

Character Name: Eleethea (E-lE-theh-ah)
Species: Quarryn
Race: Goilee
Gender: Female
Height: 1.53 m. | 5’ 0″
Weight: 54.4 kg. | 120 lbs.
Age: ~20
Physical Description: A darker green Quarryn with wooden vein-protrusions, Eleethea is as short as she is quiet.
Species/Racial Effects: Able to heal most superficial injuries with sap from her veins.
Weaponry: None
Favourite Food(s): Soft pubescent vegetation (Lamb’s Ear-esque plants)
Personality: Quiet and subservient to a degree – exemplified by having been on several dozen campaigns without leading a single one. She  refuses to ask to lead a campaign, though does have leadership skills.
Schooling: Botany, Anatomy
Previous Profession(s): Worked on encouraging new growth in Withered Woods
Backstory: Prior to her arrival at Cyliajaca, Eleethea presumably grew up somewhere in Matriarch Grove, as she worked in Withered Woods. She is knowledgeable in the anatomy of many species-including the Sentient Species-and uses this knowledge to help heal others.

Character Name: Kouoh Sarom (KO-O sah-rawm)
Species: Kettlah
Race: Keyni
Gender: Male
Height: 2.03 m. | 6’ 8″
Weight: 106.1 kg. | 234 lbs.
Age: 65
Physical Description: A physically fit, peak age Kettlah. Healthy golden skin and white eyes are Sarom’s most notable features.
Species/Racial Effects: Slight ability to interact with the deceased, can only go one generation back, and even then memories are in pieces.
Weaponry: Longsword, shields
Favourite Food(s): Bioluminescent Mushrooms
Personality: Prideful in his ability without being boastful. Very open and personable, but shies away of discussions of the past.
Schooling: Presumably went early Kettlah education until 20, likely swordsman training. Self taught shield-work
Previous Profession(s): Possibly a sell-sword
Backstory: Before becoming a Gallant, little is known. His life before Cyliajaca is one of few things that Sarom is not willing to talk about.