In Extremis

Forecast August 7

Last week may not have had a forecast, but it had some content.

Due to travel, I didn’t publish a forecast last week, as I had no way to determine the quality or availability of internet during and immediately following my travels beforehand. Once I arrived, I did get to work, however:

  • Soundtrack Saturday: Matriarch Grove EP is back with a short “month” of focus on the Quarryn
  • July Wrap-Up: What happened in the best July the website has ever had? You’ll have to read and find out, won’t you?
  • Poria Races: Our favourite molten peoples have some interesting biological differences
  • Poria Spread: Check out the new desktop towards the bottom

This upcoming week we’ve got:

  • More Quarryn artwork
  • Taenglaa, the Quarryn language
  • Loop back and begin covering Xiruen

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