In Extremis Wrap-Up

July Wrap-Up


July was pretty good. Not great, but not just good. Pretty good. We focused on Poria, got new music, and a good bit of artwork. Some stuff got left out, but I’ll talk about that below the update, which is here:

  • Jibhaga: An article on the Poria’s language
  • Poria Culture: Most of the info is there, further explained in the books below (new artwork here)
  • Parallelium EP: available now on bandcamp for just $1
  • Notes: The Poria have recently developed a more efficient method of public transportation
  • Levels: What does Poria government look like?
  • Views: Do all Poria think the same about government? No.

So a bit of a recap. I didn’t get to the Poria races (which do exist). As you’re reading this, I’m probably on the road as I move across the country again. There’s no weekly forecast today because I can’t predict when I’ll have internet to post anything this week. The Poria desktop is aaaaaaaalmost done, so when I get internet I can likely post it. August should be Quarryn month sequentially, but since they’re so well covered, I’ll probably dip back and do some Xiruen artwork and lore as well. Time and internet permitting, of course.

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