Forecast In Extremis

Forecast July 24

July is nearing the end, and this will include next Monday (the 31st) as well, since I’ll be on the road Monday morning:

What got done this week?:

  • Poria Artwork: What is likely the second to last piece of artwork for the Poria
  • Soundtrack Saturday: The Parallelium EP is now out, for $1!
  • Lore Books: There’s a couple lore books that are written, needing editing before they role out this week
  • Sentient Species: Each Sentient Species had their pages updated this week as part of an effort to make them more uniform with the information they contained

Now, what’s coming up this week?

  • Lore books
  • Poria Desktop
  • More Poria Artwork?
  • July Wrap-Up (Next Monday)