Jibhaga was reportedly created by early Poria scholars dissatisfied with Porrair‘s lengthy and non-descriptive Ontrett script. By any analysis however, Jibhaga is a much more detailed and less concise language than Ontrett, so what the original Poria intended with the language has become unclear over time.


Behind The Language

Used by Poria
Pronunciation jihb-hah-gah

Jibhaga is composed of dots and lines, representing vowels and consonants respectively. Each letter or grouping is monospaced in the script, meaning each character takes up the same amount of space, which includes spaces between words.



There are 14 vowels and 24 consonants for a total of 38 letters, some in combination. The ‘ch’ sound is represented only by the letter ‘c’, and the ‘k’ and hard ‘c’ of cat or koala are both represented by the letter ‘k’.


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