In Extremis

Forecast July 3

The end of June just happened, so here’s the start of July:

Two weeks ago plenty happened off the website and that continued to roll onto the website:

  • Soundtrack Saturday: The final track from Spectrobes: Origins is a real thriller
  • Kettlah Culture: Learn more about Kettlah culture
  • Kettlah Sociology: Another book, this time coveringĀ Kettlah Culture 101 as part of a course for Turath
  • June Wrap-Up: Last week, and the week before, and the week before that, and then the week before that. I think that’s all of them

Now, what’s coming up this week?

  • New, large artwork
  • Plenty of Poria artwork
  • Work on a Species EP and/or another OST rework

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