In Extremis Wrap-Up

June Wrap-Up


June was gooooooood. And glowy, thanks to a focus on Kettlah. The month over all did pretty well and the result was a much more fleshed out Sentient Species going forward, which is what will be happening every month for the majority of 2017. Anyway, let’s look at what all happened in June:

  • Niuavi: Another old song remade with better sounds and some minor compositional changes
  • Wallpapers: Two new wallpapers, one for Niuavi that came out in the previous week, and another for your cellular devices
  • Future Plans: Part XI gave a release date for the Index 2.0 and outlined between now and then
  • Language: updated later in the month with pronunciation guides as well for each language with an article
  • Wallpaper: Vale Reef as a Species spread for the revised Index layout
  • Abjective Structure: A book about Kettlah tomb-temples from the perspective of a Poria researcher
  • Vale Reef EP: A new Species EP out on bandcamp for just $1!
  • Kettlah Culture: What more could you want to know about the Kettlah?
  • Kettlah Sociology: Hopefully, any additional information you could want would be covered here

Okay, so next month is Poria. Lore wise, they’re very well established – at least more so than the Kettlah, so likely more books, and more artwork. Still a Species EP is planned, and currently the language is being worked on as well. July looks good, and the summer has been rolling so far.

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