Forecast In Extremis Wrap-Up

April/May Wrap-Up


Well, as unsurprising as it is, April continues to be a dead month for this site. Darn end of academic year and all. May wasn’t that great either — I ended my undergraduate career during May, so it makes sense. Things have picked up since, and here we are, back with the ball rolling. Only one thing happened on the site in April, and it was In Extremis related. Here’s the Wrap-Up:

  • Dystopia IX: Our Sha’an made it safely off of Alekodst, or else we wouldn’t have this writing. But how?
  • recluse..: First new piece on the site in a while, written back in 2016 for ShoutHouse
  • notfromme: A piece written in 2016 for a Bowling Green call for scores
  • Cells: A1: My undergraduate thesis written for Chamber Ensemble to take advantage of a performance system I designed.
  • 2016 Soundtrack Saturdays: Did you miss one? Want to go back and relisten to one? No facebook needed for this
  • May 29 Forecast: Not sure if these will always be in the monthly Wrap-Ups, but the first one to be on the site is!
  • New Wallpaper: The artwork from the new YouTube video is now available as a desktop!

June should be great, with another song coming to YouTube soon, perhaps another Species EP, and more content centered around Kettlahs in general. Towards the end of the month I might have more information in regards to Index 2.0 especially what constitutes 2.0 over 1.1. Stay tuned!

Also, here’s a freebie/tease:

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