In Extremis

Forecast May 29

Forecasts are now on the website:


Well, a little more than just forecasts are a part of the forecasts now. I’ll wrap up the previous week, as well as point towards the next week in terms of both In Extremis and continued Works.

As I’ve moved back home, this past week has had a flurry of activity:

  • I’ve posted three “new” works, including my Undergraduate Thesis, a piece for ShoutHouse, and a piece written for an ensemble at Bowling Green.
  • I cleaned up links that no longer needed to be on the website, as well as links that now needed to be on the website with the addition of new pages since our last website cleaning in August 2016. 85 new links were added!
  • I posted a recap of all the Soundtrack Saturdays from 2016.
  • The most recent Soundtrack Saturday was a revised version of Re:Currents, complete with new artwork. Will that be on the media page soon?

This week looks about the same:

  • Non-In Extremis Soundtrack Saturday
  • April-May Wrap-Up?
  • Artwork of Old Avotoc stuff
  • Re:Currents as a desktop wallpaper
  • Working on new Phone wallpaper
  • Working on artwork for the next refurbished In Extremis music
  • Working on Kettlah artwork
  • Working on a new in-universe book

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