In Extremis Wrap-Up

2017 1st Quarter Wrap-Up


Well, once you miss the March 31st timestamp you just can’t post something that isn’t a joke on April 1st. It’s just wrong. So, here we are on April 2nd with a Wrap-Up of the first fourth/quarter of the year. It hasn’t exactly been what I thought it’d be coming out of the great December run of last year (as documented here)… which is a huge understatement. My undergraduate thesis has taken up a lot of my time, and I’m really proud of it so far — I’m about a month from being done. Less than a month really, but things aren’t due until the beginning of May, they just need to have been done by then. Any who, the reason(s) you’re here; this is the Wrap-Up:

Rather than talking about April (because that’s always a dead month for this website, oddly enough), I’ll do a mini future-plans here. Dystopia IX — the final one — comes out very soon. Chasing Shadows is undergoing a rewrite to shop around (so you should get it now if you really want this version), the soundtrack will also begin a period of rewrite. I should be announcing a release date for Index 2.0 some point in late-April, and possibly another Species EP in the near-future.

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