Annals Of Dystopia, v. VII

Volume VII of Annals of Dystopia
Dark Warriors
ClassValueOriginWord Count
History30-355 LottUnknown Sha’an, 935 A.T.576

Series Information

The Trickster, v. VIDeparture, v. VIII

Book seven in a series on the rise of the current Sha’an autocrat.


I awoke to screams. The Reykata had returned to Alekodst in the middle of the night. There had been no word of a Reykata return by any other Sha’an settlement, or any announcement from Rey’ynar. I fought the urge to sit up and run, as the Sha’an closest to me was ripped apart by a few Reykata as she tried to run. I lay underneath my robes and spare cloth that kept me warm at night, peeking an occasional eye through gaps in the fabric. I held my breath as they left my immediate vicinity and did not risk movement or sleep. I waited, holding eyes slightly open until the light of day rose over the horizon and through the broken windows. Convinced that I was relatively safe and the Reykata were gone, I immediately shed my stealth, gathered my cloth, and set off. I did not want to risk being seen by any Reykata, so I did not travel outside the building. Instead, I looked up and tried to find my way up. I scampered up a flight of stairs, leaping to a doorway that had been broken open. I carefully looked around, fearing having been seen through an exterior opening, but could not see one from where I was. I pulled myself through the doorway and continued my climb to the top.
Upon arrival, I found a small alcove underneath one of the taller beams that stuck out as spires on the structure. From here, I could occasionally scamper up the beam and look down into the city. I could see the Reykata traveling in and out of both sides of the portal. Some drug Sha’an, still alive, through the portal while new Reykata I had not yet seen over the course of a decade emerged from the other side. Since I have not yet, I can take this opportunity to relay the appearance and mannerisms the Reykata I have so far encountered. In general, Reykata all shared many physical features. Their spines were largely exposed between hips and torso, a noticeable underbite combined with a lower jaw that came to a point, and in general appendages that came to a point. Somewhat of a noticeable exception were the Graeys with their large muscular physique in both arms and lower extremities. Their fingers however, did come to a point. The Pian were small anthropoid creatures that made up a bulk of the Reykata. The Pian as a race shared some common traits: they had small segmented bodies containing a thorax-like segment which pointy, jointed limbs sprouted from, an exposed spine that led to a head usually around the same size as the other segment, and the way they moved along the ground. Pian never moved in straight lines, instead rapidly scurrying to the left and right of their direction all while moving forward. The Rydir were overwhelmingly the largest race of Reykata – mostly due to wing size. There were a few Reykata that I had seen that had traits of both Rydir—simply having wings—and other races. The Lervay were among the most disgusting residents of Omneutta I had ever seen. Each member of the Lervay race was disgusting in a different way, but all shared their ability to produce smaller versions of themselves. Some of these young Lervay would grow to their adult size and reproduce offspring within a week or two. Other Lervay took longer than I was able to see.