Annals Of Dystopia, v. VI

Volume VI of Annals of Dystopia
The Trickster
ClassValueOriginWord Count
History40-220 LottUnknown Sha’an, 935 A.T.430

Series Information

Praxial Baron, v. VDark Warriors, v. VII

Book six in a series on the rise of the current Sha’an autocrat.


The plans never came. Presumably, there were never any plans. Early in Veauvas the portal gave us the moving image of Rey’ynar multiple times in one day. We were not to travel through the Southern Ridge. We were not to elect our own local leaders – everything would be delivered through these portals. We were not to enquire about the city-centre. All dealings with Omneutta would happen locally with our own initiative. We were then not allowed to deal with non-Sha’an. Further rules would come through the portals as they were approved by the Sha’an around Rey’ynar, though in hindsight — how much discussion of these rules could there possibly have been? Future rulers would be able to change Rey’ynar’s rules, pending the approval of the government that surrounded them. Governments were now to be composed of Achrans and pad-Achrans, to ensure a government for all Sha’an. By the end of the light of that day, governments were again chosen by the ruler so that there was no effective change from the prior day.
Much discussion in the interim between moving images in the portal occurred. After one particular vision of Rey’ynar we discussed the practicality and logistics of a new rule at the portal, which changed the frequency of its hum. After that, we no longer discussed anything in front of the portal. We were not sure if the portals were two-way transmissions, but after the frequency changed we took no chance that it was also sending moving images of us as well as our voice. It was harder to move between planet-stars now, mostly due to our harbors and populace being hit hard by the Reykata, but the constant gaze — whether imagined or real — of Rey’ynar made us cautious to travel. We were able to send a few Sha’an out on light, small ships. Two went towards the Reign of Bostaur and returned in less than a week and a half. The other ship was go go as far south as they could and return. We never heard from the third ship. Bostaur was able to tell us most of the small details I had already included in this edition and prior: the appearance of portals on every Sha’an planet-star they could hear from, the constant hum of the portals and their subsequent distrust in them, the overwhelming sense of impracticality of Rey’ynar’s rule. We never imagined that it would get worse, only that it would make less-and-less sense.