Annals Of Dystopia, v. V

Volume V of Annals of Dystopia
Praxial Baron
ClassValueOriginWord Count
History25-400 LottUnknown Sha’an, 935 A.T.739

Series Information

Warrior-King, v. IVThe Trickster, v. VI

Book five in a series on the rise of the current Sha’an autocrat.


By the Twenty-Third of Tauvas The Blade was clear of the Reykata. The warrior had set off to the Southern Ridge to cultivate a new Reign or ruling party of some sort, which he had hinted at as he left us to liberate more Sha’an. In the Southern Ridge he built on a series of planet-stars a colony for those he felt worth keeping close. The Remnant of Aegol had to be moved from their ancestral homes to make room, but they reportedly found land quickly elsewhere and migrated smoothly with the warrior’s Sha’an helping the process. Those not in the warrior’s ruling party were kept out of this section of the Southern Ridge — just for the time being, was the excuse — due to safety of construction.
On the first of Ontauvas, on every planet-star that the warrior had freed a portal of magicks appeared in the city that had functioned as the last bastion of each Remnant and Reign. This portal was mysterious at first, but buzzed with the familiar energy of Sham’ayn. We all instinctively knew that the portal would not harm us and crowded around it. It was a large oval shaped swirling disk of energy, somewhere around 20 meters tall and roughly flat on both sides. After a few minutes of the portal humming, an image of the warrior flickered into view and took up the whole of the portal. It was translucent-closer to opaque, we could see him but we could also see through the portal to the Sha’an on the other side. We had never experienced a moving picture, especially one of something happening across The Blade, but the portal was made from Sham’ayn’s magick. Clearly he had been blessed, so our trust was given.
The warrior was adopting a new mantle. Rey’ynar would be the name we would know him as. The Blade would become a meritocracy, like the Poria in Parallelium. The Reigns and Remnants would be no more rulers of local societies but instead family units that we would soon move beyond. We, as Sha’an, should be producers of goods and services, and owners of property to some extent so that we can make our own personal wealth and join the economy of Omneutta. He continued for a few minutes after, but little of it was of consequence in comparison. Our Achran was besieged with questions after a brief pause once Rey’ynar’s image disappeared from the portal, which remained. What goods were we to make? What services could our fragment of a Remnant offer to the Sha’an and Omneutta? He had no answers.
Before the end of the next week the portal again contained a moving image of Rey’ynar. Instead of a meritocracy The Blade would instead be a democracy. Of course, based off his eradication of the Reykata we would have voted for him. The rest of the democracy is chosen by the elected leader. There was no word on when the next election would be — but one would be had because he would become old inevitably and therefore another Sha’an would need to lead the throne. The democracy would encourage us to have our own democracies, set the value for goods locally, and open channels of trade across The Blade and Omneutta. The colony somewhere in the Southern Ridge would be complete soon – to be used by all Sha’an rulers in the foreseeable future – and the populace would be allowed to tour the grand tributes to Sham’ayn and the history of our peoples. There were plans to build a city-centre for the Sha’an, a mecca for trade to and from the Sha’an and the rest of Omneutta. We would know about these plans soon.