Quick Update

Hey all. I just want to reach out and confirm that I am indeed, not dead.

Some of you might know–I am in my last year of college, specifically the last semester so I am busy wrapping up my collegiate experience with my Senior Thesis. It does involve music (and programming) so it’ll make it’s way to the website at some point.

In the mean time, I’ve missed an Wrap-UpĀ (January I’m sorry), and will likely miss another (no offense February, but you’ve got nothing), so at least for the first half of the year I might do Wrap-Ups in quarters (meaning you’ll get 2 by the end of June). At least, the first one’s likely coming at the end of March. Monthly ones might resume there.

But lo! Behold! I have actually done stuff in the mean time. The Media page has been updated not once, but twice with new desktops (they’re at the bottom) and the books page has three new books, with more of both on the way by the next Wrap-Up. Soundtrack Saturdays continue on the facebook page — hm, perhaps I should go back and list all of the Soundtrack Saturdays for 2016 at some point — and new media will appear on Wednesdays, along with new books on Thursdays. If you’re on the facebook page, you’ll see it all. If you’re on here, you’ll see most of it.


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