Annals Of Dystopia, v. IV

Volume IV of Annals of Dystopia
ClassValueOriginWord Count
History40-235 LottUnknown Sha’an, 935 A.T.548

Series Information

New Hero, v. IIIPraxial baron, v. V

Book four in a series on the rise of the current Sha’an autocrat.


It was the Fifth of Tauvas when he reached us, and by that time our numbers were less than fifty. We began in the thousands, and over the course of the decade, almost all had perished due to famine, sickness, or battle. I thought myself lucky to have survived a decade of some grueling and sometimes unimaginable sights. Though after what I saw in the remainder of the year, the thought of being lucky to witness such atrocities is one which I disavow. However, I must first tell what I had found so lucky at the time.
He appeared at the edge of the city, the same way the Reykata had came in, with a small band of Sha’an. His forces were even smaller than ours had shrunk to, yet he moved through the city and towards us with an aura of confidence. He moved faster than the Reykata had, initially I thought because he was clearing empty buildings, but once he found the Reykata he moved just as quickly. The warrior moved so quickly through the Reykata while his Sha’an force behind him did relatively little in his aid, though it did not seem necessary to aid him. He dispersed of any Reykata that were in his immediate area within seconds with lightning quick flurries of some kind of offensive capability. He left no bodies in his wake, I presumed from the sheer speed at which he was cutting down our enemies. I was both too far and he was too quick to see what weapons he was using. We had heard reports that he was a quick and far-more-than-capable warrior, but seeing him in action surpassed any expectations. Within an hour of arrival he was on the top floor of our tower, basking in the sunlight as he spoke to our Achran. I hid for fear of my voice and spirit cracking as I was in awe. Our Achran offered him rest in our tower now that it was safe, as well as any supplies he might need for himself or for his companions but he declined. He had most of the Sha’an at this point and didn’t want to prolong the suffering of our people another day longer. He was told that there were whispers of him being from the Reign of Vulpek. He admitted that he was not, and brushed aside our idea of rebooting the Reign with him as its Achran. “I have no connection to the Vulpek, other than the reverence we all have for the once-powerful. My own Remnant was wiped out some years ago, and I am too fond of my own mask to adopt a new one. We all would be honoured to wear the crown, but unless it was ever found I would not consider tarnishing the Reign of all with my own name and mask.” The Sha’an who were with him looked relieved by his words, and they looked like important Sha’an in their own rights – more regal than the warrior in any case – perhaps leaders and other Achrans convinced they would be able to spread the story of how they were the ones to escort the warrior to save The Blade. But the warrior was Humble.