Annals Of Dystopia, v. III

Volume III of Annals of Dystopia
New Hero
ClassValueOriginWord Count
History40-235 LottUnknown Sha’an, 935 A.T.379

Series Information

Decade of War, v. IIWarrior-King, v. IV

Book three in a series on the rise of the current Sha’an autocrat.


The year was 931 After Time, as the title suggests. Early in the year word came from another Remnant – who had heard from another Remnant, who heard it from further along – that there had been some progress against the Reykata by a small Sha’an force. For many weeks this was the last we heard but it was enough to keep our spirit from shattering. It was late in Ouovas when we had correspondence again. Word had come that the small Sha’an force was in fact a single Sha’an, with an interesting iota that was circulating with the word. It was unclear to us whether this Sha’an claimed it of himself, or it was posited on his behalf that he was from the Reign of Vulpek. This reign – for those non-Sha’an – was according to legend the first Reign of the Sha’an created by Sham’ayn herself and was the only Reign to have the Korun, the Achran of all Achrans, the highest rank given to any Sha’an. Reactions to this Sha’an potentially being a Vulpek were varied – some in disbelief and some in relief that the Sha’an to save us all was from the holy Reign. Most, like myself, lie in the middle.
It was Apuvas when we again heard of this Sha’an. Now, we came to find that his success was becoming widespread and consistent across The Blade, and Remnants and Reigns alike were fighting over his services. Typical for us, we as a species cannot allow something beneficial to happen to the entirety. No, it must be the action of a specific Reign or Remnant so we all become indebted and partially enslaved to said Reign or Remnant. Such is the way of the Sha’an, sadly. However, this particular Sha’an – still without a name – fought free from the control of any Reign or Remnant. News slowly crept in throughout Evtuvas as he made his way through The Blade. Unfortunately for us, he began on the southernmost end of Sha’an-Space, and we were in the north-east. Our numbers were thinning and the Reykata seemed to know both this fact, and that the Sha’an was coming along with their demise by the day.