In Extremis Wrap-Up

2016 Year Wrap-Up


2016 was a year with ups and downs. While not quite as great – for the website alone – as 2015, 2016 still had a high number of articles (I hit 200 published in December!). I had a great push towards the end of the year, but it didn’t quite make up for the poor start of the year, so the website finished off worse than 2015 in terms of hits. Other than comparisons to 2015 we had some big events – Index release, several other musical releases

January: Two articles for Chasing Shadows characters, and a reminder-to-self that I missed some gigantic ‘featured’ images.

February: February saw the first desktops pop on the Media page, as well as a couple of -Space articles. Far out!

March: A link-cleaning, our first location article, more -Space articles, a Future Plans (VII), and a Deity article to boot.

April: Not much to see here, just two Gallants articles.

May: A gallant-vanting month. Okay, yeah bad pun but May was full of Gallants stuff, plus Future Plans VIII.

June: Yet another Future Plans (IX), a -Space article, a Deity article, and new wallpapers. What more could you want?

July: Oh, I know. You want .gifs. Fine, I added some .gifs of the day-night cycle on the 3D rendering of Davo. Plus, a -Space article, and a $1 EP.

August: A post on how to decipher the new-style maps, a -Space article another link-cleaning, and Celestial Bodies (my favourite post to link to, apparently). Also- a feeling that hey, I remember writing this not too long ago… where did the time go?

September: The last -Space article appeared on the website, along with a new desktop, and information (and cover art) about The Index.

October: Lott, Weapons (a classification guide, not a catalog), and Future Plans X.

November: This month didn’t get a wrap-up since there was only one post on the site. So, I linked that one.

December: Oh man, what didn’t happen in December? There was new music, a new kind of post (BOOKS), plenty of said post, new artwork, uh… The Index, a culture article, a new desktop that I never posted about, a Star-Planet article, another Deity article, and more books. More books.


I am not entirely certain what 2017 holds for the website. First and foremost I graduate my Bachelors program at some point in May and my thesis is intensive, so I am not sure how much time in the spring I will have. In 2015 when Chasing Shadows released the plan was to finish up the writing process of Dead Run some time around graduation and get the novel out near the end of 2017, and while I’m close to where I need to be in January to make that happen, I’m not sure about how much closer I’ll get to that finish line before May. In the immediate future, I really like the ability to intersperse the in-universe books to augment the lore at a good rate rather than dumping a bunch of new material in a novel or some other book like The Index.

With all that said, the reality of the year will be that I’ll get what I can done between working on my thesis and other classes (as I always have been), which hopefully puts me where I want to be post-graduation. I guess we’ll just see. At some point in 2017 we should see Future Plans XI, and either 1.1 or 2.0 of The Index.

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