Extiru (ehks-tei-rooh)
Biographical Information
Birthplace Early Omneutta
Birthdate B.T.
Species Ontautt
Gender Destruction, War
Biological Information
Weight Varies
Skin Colour Gray
Eye Colour White
Clothes Deity Robes
Armour Suit of the Onslaught
Weaponry Warlord’s Axes
Seen With Ontautt


Main Article: Ontiba 1:2

Aster created Extiru so that the former Deity would not have to learn how to clean up his mistakes and mould them, but instead destroy them.


There is nothing too large for Extiru to destroy. Extiru has destroyed everything from the smallest creature to the largest star-planet (including Astran, if the Rux is to be believed). He is also regarded as presiding over strength in battles, whether physical confrontation, or long military campaigns. Though he is often regarded as the least intelligent and sensible of the Eight, he is usually attributed prowess in conducting large-scale and long-term military campaigns.

View of Sentient Species

The creation of his own Sentient Species was borne from his own self loathing and jealousy of the other Deities who had Sentient Species. His view of the other six Sentient Species stems from this and is different from most of the other Deities. Originally, Extiru attempted to use the Sentient Species – more than just his own Xiruen – as means to his own ends in reshaping Omneutta as he saw fit. By the Timekeeping Reset these practices became outlawed among the Deities, and it is unknown if he continues them in modernity.


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