In Extremis Wrap-Up

December Wrap-Up

The second half of December was one of the better runs in the site’s history, with the introduction of a new kind of post.

I finally got a couple of pesky articles that had been thorns in my side for several months. Astran has been in the works for a long time, but I needed a better graphic than one from 2012 (so I got around to making one), as well as Extiru being around for a while but needing a graphic at all.

  • Movement I: I know this technically happened in November (it was also the only thing), but there wasn’t a November Wrap-Up, so it’s here. (MUSIC!)
  • Books: This is a collection page of all the readings that are published as in-universe books. It can also be found in the menu bar.
  • Questions of Why?: The first in-universe book released deals with a chance encounter between a Kettlah and Turath.
  • Deities and Reverence: The first-released but second-published in a two-book series about the worship practices of Omneuttians.
  • A Forewarning: Part 1 of 9 in a series about the current Sha’an dilemma.
  • The Index: The first version¬†of the reader’s companion to the In Extremis series.
  • Movement II: Part II of the In Extremis Suite, this one is less spacey and musically related to the Before The Wind plot-arc. (MUSIC!)
  • Turath Culture: An article about several aspects of the Turath culture (hence the name).
  • Decade of War:¬†Part 2 of 9 in a series about the current Sha’an dilemma.
  • Astran: An article about the reason for In Extremis’ seasons.
  • Extiru: The second Deity and the Warlord of Destruction.
  • Mortals and Worship: The prequel to Deities and Reverence that deals with Deities, despite the name.
  • An Outside Account: A short and unconfirmed report about a caste system in the Poria.

December was good, y’all. Almost all of this progress was was post 19th (actually the only thing that wasn’t – Movement I – was in November), so it was a end of month/year run as Decembers seem to be, but I feel it some good ground work for the future has been lain. I like the in-universe books and being able to release tiny snippets of the lore in a steady manner as my artwork frustrates me. I’m not quite sure when version 1.1 or 2.0 of The Index – or even what constitutes one from the other. I’m also thinking about a different format for The Index; it will still be pdf, just perhaps a different aspect ratio. We’ll see what January holds.

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