Annals Of Dystopia, v. II

Volume II of Annals of Dystopia
Decade of War
ClassValueOriginWord Count
History40-235 LottUnknown Sha’an, 935 A.T.885

Series Information

A Forewarning, v. INew Hero, v. III

Book two in a series on the rise of the current Sha’an autocrat.


At the onset of our troubles I had imagined that we were alone in our suffering; I was wrong. As previously told, our first interaction with these Reykata was the single siefek that had appeared on one of our Remnant’s planet-stars. Not the planet-star I resided on, but one that part of our remnant had established residence. Word of this occurrence passed to our Achran, the one with the mask of bone, and he ordered our entire remnant to amass on Alekodst – where I was – as we prepared for what could potentially be our undoing. No word or information escaped from the other planet-stars who had a siefek appear so we could not be certain what had happened, but if were could not reach them it could be safely assumed that something was amiss.
Within a day of the order we had the entire remnant on Alekodst, and by the end of that day everyone had coalesced densely into the largest five towers we had. We nervously waited for a few days that included securing our floating continent so that we could establish our communication relays. The siefek soon arrived, though we were never certain how. The dark passed and by the light the Reykata had appeared. They seemed to favor the dark, as during the light they would go into a tower and not depart until the dark drew close. They appeared a very disjoint force, spreading to multiple towers as the light crept upon the city and later as dusk spread they would move to different towers still. With each passing day the entirety of their forces swept closer to our location – I cannot be sure whether it was because they were looking for us, because we were opposite the section of the city they entered, or because we were in the tallest towers – but they found us nonetheless.
We dispersed our best warriors to the ground level of each tower to beat back the Reykata when they were within a few towers of ours. The first night of attacks, we lost not a single wattior, but the reports were that the Reykata were innumerable, somehow a much larger force than we had accounted for during the light. They Reykata all looked so similar that the warriors themselves swore they beat back and killed the same Reykata several times over the course of the dark. Weeks of this passed, beating back the same Reykata in the dark and resting in the light. Within a week we confirmed our theory. An arm was managed to be cut from a Reykata who we assumed dead from the spilled blood. It returned the next night, as the Reykata drew their forces back – and literally drug bodies – as the light swarmed the city. We had assumed they had taken their dead as either a retiring from their forces by either means of burial or by cannibalism. Instead they could bring back Reykata that were seemingly dead to return to wage war on us the following dark. I would hear stories from the warriors that on some spells of darkness, the same Reykata would return to fight us several times over.
We made it through 920 in this fashion but by the advent of the next year we had condensed further due to loss of not only warriors, but some non-fighters had perished from a combination of the elements and low resources. We had strung long cables from the top of the central tower to the surrounding ones as a way to distribute food and other supplies but once they had made their way down to the warriors, there was often not enough left for those who weren’t fighting – there was a mandate by the Achran to leave a certain amount for the fighters and no one wanted to die from the Reykata. By 925 we had not only condensed to the single tower, but we were trapped by Reykata occupying the first several floors. During the light they would coalesce their entire forces inside the lowest section of our tower so there was no way we could have driven them out. At dark they would come up through the building, and scale the sides aiming for the top. Those of us residing in upper floors had to assume the mantle of part-time warriors to beat back these Reykata that would crawl up the side of our tower looking for us.
Those of our Remnant who were able to stay on the floating continent received word from other Remnants that sometimes included supplies and aid. At one point, I believe in 927 the Reign of Bostaur delivered us enough supplies and aid with weaponry to last several months. Their system had been attacked by these Reykata, but they had not come looking for Sha’an as they did us. The Reykata in this system proceeded in a line of destruction that ran in rings around their planet-stars. If you were not in the way you were spared. It had crippled his forces, but had not driven them to the brink of extinction as it had us. After hearing our transmissions they came to offer aid; the food, weaponry, and warm clothing was likely the reason we made it to 931.