Artistic Interpretation of Astran

Space Divine Forge
Category Star-Planet
Diameter 25,487 km.
Star-Core Diameter 21,154 km.
System Astran
Government N/A
Language(s) Ontrett
Population Ontautt
Climate Varies, with Mountainous Plains
Continents 8


Astran – as said in the Ontiba – is the home of the Deities or Ontautt. Astran is the largest Star-Planet in Omneutta and is located at the center. The light of its star-core lights Omneutta, while the rotating continents are the cause of the seasonal cycle for all Omneuttians.

Each Ontautt Deity has their own continent that reflects their elemental tendencies, as well as their attitude towards life. Quarrnyl’s continent, for example has an abundance of flora and fauna – most of which cannot actually exist on a Star-Planet (especially of such magnitude). Each Deity has the ability to modified the detailed shape (not the general shape/size) of their continent, as well as anything on it at will – living or not. There is evidence of the Deities doing such in ancient times – according to the Ontiba, but it is unknown if they continue the practice in modernity.


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